Solitude Song

Solitude Song

Sometimes I Wanna be alone
When my ship has sailed and my bird has flown
When I see only darkness in the presence of the sun
When im fighting inner battles that cannot be won
Sometimes my world turns to monochrome
That’s when I Wanna be alone.

Sometimes I wanna fly solo
When self-confidence becomes a no show
When I feel so inferior amongst the others
When they all have plans when they all have lovers
Sometimes I feel ashamed to be in the group photo
That’s when I Wanna fly solo.

Sometimes I wanna hideaway
When my doleful mask is on display
When soldiers of doubt march through my mind
When I look for inspiration and find myself blind
Sometimes my hopes and dreams all go astray
That’s when I Wanna hideaway.

Sometimes I wanna find a secret place
Far away from fellow members of the human race
When my heart turns to rust and my soul to rubble
I wanna find myself a sanctum and climb in a bubble
Sometimes I dodge the mirror to escape the face
That’s when I wanna find a secret place.

The End

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