Sole Request

When you look at me,

Truly, what is it that you see?

Am I simply another one of the crowd,

Or do I fade in contrast to your loud, 

Demanding ways?

These eyes have seen much,

And found solace in the dark, as such,

Do you see the scars inside,

The scars I have tried so desperately to hide?

When you see my unimpressive hands,

Can you see the distant lands,

That I have painted with a pen-

Or how I disappear into these places again?

After I have long gone,

Will you remember what my being was built on,

How I lived and breathed each day,

What I had always wanted to say?

Or will I fade to dust,

Lost while trying to gain the trust,

Of a biased society?

This is my one and only request,

In the hopes that the plague will not infest-

The world, the plague of hate,

Let us bring this realm to a better state. 

The End

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