Soldier's Death

A crack, then a slam as,

another body hit the cold,

wet earth. The screams and,

shouts, pleas for mercy and,

yells of rage, filled my ringing,

ears. The bodies, silent, unmoving,

and terribly mutilated, covered in,

blood haunted my waking,

dreams. I could hardly,

move, it seemed as though I had,

lost the little strength I had to,

go on. The battle raged around,

me, even as I stumbled helplessly,

dripping with sweat, blood and,

tears. A loud scream shattered my,

reverie and I loaded my rifle though,

I doubt I could've used it, had I the,

chance. Not moments after, I was,

thrown to the ground, a sharp,

pain shooting through my body and,

my vision darkening. I was hit and,

dying, with no one to stop and help,

me. I would perish in a foreign land,

left to rot. I closed my eyes and succumbed.

The End

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