Sold My Soul on the Subway

I needed something.
I was missing something.
I couldn't decide what I had lost,
Or what I sought to gain.
But I let go of the germ-coated silver hand rails,
And flung myself at the feet of whomever would listen.
"I'm cold, I'm hungry,
And I have all the money I need
For food and shelter,
But I want a gold coin in my hat."
I played my sad song,
Echoing in the dark black wrought metal and concrete river,
As the trains roared in and out,
Drowning out my cries.
I thought I knew what I wanted.
I thought I knew what I needed.
I placed my heart in the hands of a man
With a new yorker peacoat and banker shined shoes.
He handed me a slip of something I could not understand.
And stepped through the sliding doors onto the roaring train.
I expected to follow, but they slid shut,
And he stared indifferently through me at the tiles on the wall.
Upon which I realized I was only a ghost. 

The End

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