Solace In The Rain

"Take solace in the rain, my children. It only means I am near." Another Slender Man-inspired piece.

So foolish of you to have wandered here

A sheep has strayed from the herd

While others lie in their clueless rest

You will not be deterred.


You stagger and search, your eyes on the trees

And as always, I drink my fill

When I decide that I want to be seen

You scream, and then you be still


I'm quite a sight, am I not? Its true

Though looks do not matter too much

Its fun to be what they think isn't real

To shatter their world with a touch.


I've come to finish the deal, my child

Just listen, and don't be alarmed

As long as you stay by my side, and be good

I'll make sure you come to no harm.


You are like me, apart from the rest

So I've come to make you my own

Our domain is a wild and lonely place

But in these woods you're never alone


Thunderheads hover, ominous helpers

The rain lets them know I am here

Children stare out their foggy windows

Waiting for me to appear.


What's this, little one? You want to go home? 

This I can never allow

There is no home once you've witnessed me

Sleep easy, and I'll show you how.


Monsters live well in this world, they do

Ones so much more vile than I

So take my hand and we'll leave them behind

No reason to live in a lie.







The End

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