This is a poem I wrote for the book I am writing at the moment, and it is about a planet called Solace, the home of the supernatural. It outlines what the planet is about, and its treasures.

Do not be fooled

By common drool,

That Solace thinks it vital

In sticking to its title.

Comfort from most you'll receive indeed

But others are mainly designed to mislead

And feed and feed 'til they almost burst

Unless you, somehow, outwit them first.


Ten Gods which rule,

With their chosen tool,

This glorious attraction,

This complex abstraction,

That have meaded and created

Things beyond imagination,

Contorted and abated

With immense infatuation

And close consideration

And careful examination

Full magnification

And uncanny collaboration

The incredulous incantations

In which Solace wonderfully exults,

The complicated applications

Achieving remarkable results.


Like the magnificent binding legacy, of seven talented swords,

All of which hoard a unique power, reaping sufficient rewards,

And will help you gain your way towards

A power so pure that your life restores.

Their potential is beyond any

For whoever can hold them steady,

Will need heart; they will be ready,

And shock and awe will surround many.


This black and white world of fantasy,

Will keep a dull trite in ecstasy,

Will draw you into a fallacy

Or lead you into supremacy,

Creating something so euphrasy,

That it will create some sort of eustacy.

A whirlwind of escapism

A life of adenturism,

Filled with your idealism

And the craziest surrealism.

If suffering you should meet,

To you, Death will be sweet,

To the challengers such a treat

(Though a battle so very neat,

Without even death to cheat

Simply cannot be claimed a feat).


Together we proclaim and state,

That Solace lives up to its rate,

It is the greatest of all, so to say,

You will ever experience in your life today.

Come for your own amusement, but I now must warn you

Of what the many sights and seas may block from your view.

Though the most incredible raw power this planet features

To beware the armada of such legendary creatures.


The End

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