you have been found wanting

If I could,

I'd tell you that

your words are like knives,

each caress a lightning strike,

and sweet dulcet tones almost like electricity,

the touch you bestow upon me akin to a blade

because you never seem to care

if you drive insecurity into me

with every hammer strike of your intentions

and I won't give up,

no I won't give up,

but sometimes my body might give out

under the strain

and I want you to know that it was you

who drove me to this

and that you haunt me like a ghost 

every day, even though you're still next to me

with your curved smile, embedded with shark teeth

and a malicious intent.

instead you fake innocence,

defiling purity,

and you push the blame onto me,

and with each shove of the guilt,

you cause my arms to shake 

and my knees to buckle

and my bones to crunch to sand,

and if I could,

I would tell you that this is all your fault.

i won't let you weigh me down anymore.

not, at the very least, before I die.

The End

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