Sociopathic Love

Falling into the trap of a manipulative sociopath. Although I do write a lot this is my first poem and taken from personal experience.

Don't worry before He’s done with you; He‘ll ravage you
Not just physically but through His words both twisted and firm
If you could only accept that He decides when the game ends;
You'd realize an escape is just as much of an illusion as the man you think you know

Nothing can save you from this game
The lies will roll off his chameleon tongue as He reflects everything you've shown Him
He’ll pour metaphors filled with an elusive pitch; deep inside the intimate spaces that fill your head

He'll patiently watch your every move
As you squirm with denial and try to claw your way past the anger
Just as you desperately try bargaining for release
He’ll watch you drowned in hopelessness, lost without the reflection you saw in him

It's a game you won't even realize you've been playing until He decides it's over
He'll know every piece of you by then
Especially the pieces He easily replaced well you were mesmerized in your own reflection
He’ll move on to His next prey soon and only then will you start to awaken
He thinks you'll never find all the pieces He's planted; you'll never be whole without him 

As His eyes trace the contours of your acceptance
He’ll know at the precise moment he's broken you
As he watches your will bend pliantly to His
Making you just another possession He never really wanted
Then He’ll finally release you out of boredom
Leaving you lost without the mirror you helped him create
Wondering why the pieces you're picking up won’t fit back together the way they once did

It’s then you’ll realize that he never knew how to love
He’s found his pleasure in the games He plays
Pleasure that calms the jealousy he holds against the emotions that He's unable to feel
Allowing Him to walk away without remorse; leaving His victim in their darkest moment 
He's become bored with the people that surround Him and confused by His own existence          To Him love is only a game used to occupy time                                                               Whenever he decides the time is right it's simple

Game Over

The End

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