Well this is one of my angry rants at the cagy society we live in, the widespread politics and powerplay that ruins people's lives, and how everyone thinks that they have more rght on us than we do ourselves.

In this world that you call your own
Every step that I take, I am told that I am wrong
What I do, thinking that I am right,
You say that it is wrong, it is simply wrong.
If I am wrong then who is right?
just who is right?
Why is it that I have to ask you about how I should live life in my own terms?
Do you mean to tell me that you have more right on me than I have on myself?

Who are you to take away my rights?
Who are you to question my every step?
Who are you to withhold my rights from me, my freedom from me?
I don't owe you anything, so since when do you own me?

Hiding behind the tyrants and widespread treachery,
why are you strangling my habits, my lifestyle?
You can't cure yourself of your cancerous disease,
How do you profess to cure me?
I don't have manners, I belong to a dingy street not worthy of your attention.
There's no finesse in me, no shame to drown myself in.
Why are you so eager to chain me in rituals I don't undertsand?

Is it a crime to be myself? To not care about what makes no sense to me?
Your only responsibility is to catch hold of those who don't conform,
Those who take a path less travelled, and shame them,
Set them on fire and watch them die inch by inch in front of your eyes.
My mind tells me otherwise.
It tells me to live by my own terms or die trying.
I know the moment I give in, I would be dead before my body dies.

You call yourself the protector of nature,
The protector of all things weak and necessary.
Why don't you see that it is I who is weak, who is important,
Not your meaningless rites and rituals,
Not your archaic society. But no, you tear me to pieces, shred by shred
Watching me writhe in pain, enjoying the drama unfolding in front of you.

Why do you try to teach me the truth,
when Truth itself can't hear anything beyond your lies?
Your fear, your love, your praise and respect....Keep it all,
Keep it all and laugh at me becauce I don't value it any longer.

You were supposed to guide me, but you made me an outcast.
You were to hold my hand, applaud my efforts when I broke traditions,
Proved it to others that doing what I liked was the best way to live life.
How can you speak against treason when you play with vulnerable minds,
When you crush innocent hearts?
How can I follow you when my dreams make me a traitor in your eyes?

The End

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