Help me, I'm drowning

I’m lost,

In a sea of lost dreams and all-too-real fears.

Invisible hands pull me down,

Help, I don’t want to drown.

Can you save me?


I tried to fit in, Mummy, I really did.

They wouldn’t let me, made fun of my shabby dress, and cheap perfume.

Well, when push comes to shove, I’ll drag you to the edge.

I’m building a ship,

Of powerful defenses and protection.

I’ll sail on the sea of society,

And I’ll learn how to swim.

Except I can’t.

It’s not like I’m a defenseless little girl.

I’m just afraid of the water,

Not physically capable of swimming properly.

And a couple doctor’s diagnoses don’t help, either,

I’m not ‘sick’, or ‘insane’.

A few mental disorders, that’s all.

Tip-toe walking,

Several identities,

Slurred talking,

Blue days.

I can’t hear you, I’m sorry,

My ears don’t work, there’s no way out this maze.

But now I’m paddling, desperately trying to stay afloat.

But you, you always sunk my boat.

I’m definitely not crazy, though.

I can still overpower you, easy.

Not society, though.

That's a much tougher opponent.

People tell me,

Society killed the teenager.

But we both know that's not true, no.

You did.

The End

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