Society and all it's unjust ways.

What's that?

A tattoo?

Oh no! that a bull ring?

A septum ring you say?

Oh no!

Boys don't think that is cute, you know!

They don't?

Because when i permanently scar my body,

When i put jewelry in it,

and inject ink into my skin, 

The first thing i should think about is whether or not the first male i see will get hard looking at it.

Why did you cut your hair?

It was so pretty long! 

I liked it better long!

What does your boyfriend think?

Your girlfriend likes it..?

You're...You're a..a bisexual?

You utter the word like i'm a disease and try to end the conversation as quickly as you can

I'm not going to say it would be any different if you were talking about a girl liking it

Why does society feel the need to tell me, 

A 16 year old girl,

That before I do anything to myself,

Before I cut or dye my hair, 

Before i put on a pair of shorts,

that i should think about what others will think,

Damn it, 

I'm tired of being told what others think!

I did this to myself for me,

Yes, I like girls and no i don't want to have a threesome with you.

Yes, i'm wearing shorts and no i'm not asking to be raped.

Yes, I have piercings and no i don't care what they will look like when i'm 80.

yes, I go into stores alone and no that doesn't mean i want some 40 year old man to kidnap me.

I am deathly afraid of men.

Not of what they think, 

But of what they are capable of and what they think is acceptable.

A world where if I were to be raped it would be my own fault,

A world where no means "more" or "try harder" ,

A world where having depression and social anxiety is "just another call for attention",

A world where if a girl has sex she is a slut, worthless, a piece of trash,

But where a boy is congratulated,

A world where a lesbian is messed up, a bisexual confused, and a straight girl a "goody goody",

And the only thing we have in common is that we all need a man to put us in our place,

Is not a world i would want any child of mine to grow up in.

Quite frankly, my grandmother did a great job of raising me,

But my mom would've done just as good if she had wanted to.

My dad left,

He left to make a new family,

Because he decided ours wasn't good enough for him.

Why is it okay for a man to decide that me mother, my brother, and me aren't worth sticking around for while my mother gets blamed for not being a better wife?

Don't you dare tell me that I need a man to put me in my place,

That I need a man to take care of me, 

That I need a man to get places in life.

Don't get me wrong,

There are good guys in this world.

Just very rare.

For example:

My brother and his girlfriend have a great relationship.

They love each other.

But I would never lie and say that she needs him.

The End

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