Written on May 17, 2014


One corrupt piece of shit

Media, Friends, Even Family

Can treat you like spit

As humans we strive

For beauty and grace

Whether it’s in the arts

Business or searching the space

Our one goal is success

With money or joy

But with the way we are treated

There will be no glory

You see children can grow

Either happy or sad

If you strike them with bullying

It can drive them mad

As teens learn from the world

They begin to lose faith

Why be here?

If this is the society

We created

Yet, some strive throughout mess

Some live to be happy

But what about the kids

Whose lives turn out sappy

Society’s expectations

Pushed to the limit

And even sometimes

I don't want to admit it

Suicide is a problem

Even though its taboo

It almost happened to me

And maybe you or a friend too

But you see this is an issue

We must try to change

And in 50 years

I hope it won't be the same

I want children to grow

In a life full of bliss

We must not downsize

Their achievements or they'll miss

The chance to adulthood

The chance to make

A world without sorrow

That maybe

They can create

The End

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