soccer Musical

Just a poem I wrote, bout the best sport evah!

The sweat drips down your cheeks
Your heart keeps the steady beat

Your eyes swivel side to side
It’s amazing how the ball can fly

Grunts echoed though your ears
Legs shaking fast from the fear

Knees are knocking
Your arms are rocking
And the adrenaline shakes your bones

Your feet knock the ball
Creating a crash when you fall

The crowd yells
And the ground tells
Its own song

The swish of the net
The cheers from the team uncontained
It all intertwines into a roaring refrain

The sigh of relief
The slap of the hands
Disappointment fills half the stands

And finally when you’re exhausted
And laying on your knees
It is no doubt
Every noise in your mind
Evolves into a symphony

The End

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