Soaps from Dover&Stonely

I stop every Saturday on my way home from work at the shops on the corner
of Dover & Stonely
and go in search of soaps.
I pick them up:
muted colors and vibrant,
glaring titles and clever ones,
soft scents and hard scents.
Soaps like Lemongrass Verbena,
Raspberry Whip, Honeyed Oatmeal;
soaps like Rosehip Lavender,
Tropical Twist and Sandalwood and Patchouli.
I come home with one,
most days—
cradled in my hands,
smelling sweet or musky or soft.
I put it in the box with the rest
of the soaps
but not before smelling each one.
I buy the soaps because when I use them,
they make me feel clean
where you make me feel dirty
and they make me feel sweet
where you make me feel bitter
and they make me feel soft
where you make me feel hard.

The End

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