Soak Up the Silence

And it’s because I love you

that I’ve gotta say: you talk way too much

when we’re sitting on the beach.


Sweetheart, we’re watching the sun set.

Don’t ruin it with stories and anecdotes

on how bad your day was.

I’m just trying to soak up the water

and your beauty; let me love you

in silence.


You look so beautiful with the twilight

reflecting on your pupils: brown and alive.

But for the love of god, shut up.

It’s really hard to appreciate your worth

when you’re talking about your day job.


I know you see me here

sitting and holding your hand.

Have my lips moved? No.

My feet are buried in the sand;

my legs are being washed,

over and over again.

My shoulders burn and I’m sure

my back will peel tomorrow.


But I haven’t said a word.

So please,

please, please

stop talking. 

The End

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