So This is Love

I have a boyfriend, been with each other for a long while now. There's something special there, I don't think anybody can quite explain it. This isn't about my boyfriend, this is defining what love towards someone else can feel like. It may be fiery, it may be cool, but we all know that there is something in the man/woman that is simply astounding.

Through out the years that I have lived

I never knew what Love could be

And I surely never was one to give

Since Love was something I couldn’t see


I never could make a proper song

My poems wouldn’t come out right

Everything I wrote seemed so wrong

None of my words could excite


There was no passion

There was no love

I hadn’t had the reaction

Of releasing doves


Not until I met a man

One that makes me smile

Makes me smile whenever he can

And our time is worth the while


I can’t explain his brilliant light

That lusters from his two eyes

Something there is so bright

Like celestial balls in night skies


Honey, I can’t explain

How much I love you so

I say it plenty, but there’s more to gain

When I see your soul glow



The End

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