If Night Were Mine

I never remembered why I wrote this, I just remember these words were important at the time. I am not entirely sold on this myself, I think I have regurgitated an immense cliche. Let me know what you think.

If night were mine it would hold a million stars
Of emerald liquorice and sapphire cream
It would burn a reflection in your memory
It would live in you like a dream

If night were mine it'd have no end
The enigmatic sky would reach for us
The purples and pinks of our own constellation
Would transport us forever to wherever we lust

If night were mine I'd be a part of it
I could make our love be reflected in the moon
Everyone would look up and see us
Sculpted perennially in their swirling diamon runes

If night were mine I would share it
We could have all this together alone
No other than you is my preference
Or to whom this gift I would bestow

The End

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