I Got Better

An old one from an anthology that I have written in my early twenties, suddenly discovered it on my memory stick after storing it there to buy a deadline for an essay at college last year. I remember writing it just for fun, no real muse behind this one.

Your army of Dryads can't hold me
Your cavalry of centaurs wont come
I've beaten your bitter defences
And bettered your grotesque fun

I answered the sphinx in her riddles
I defeated your sick minotaur
Cerberus could not contain me
I bested medusa at your door

I performed the twelve tasks you set me
I ran through Hades to get to you
Your labyrinth could not confuse me
Years leapt as I still pursued you

Your sirens did not distract me
Your spells and fell voice could not reach
One jump six leaps and I'm over
Once more into the breach

So into your room I have entered
The final confrontation everyone has waited for
After all I endured for this moment
Consequence pays it's stake ever more

So parading before curious eyes watching
Ready for my violent reprimand
After all I endured for this moment
I reach out to you and offer my hand

The End

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