So Scared.

I wrote this poem about 6 months ago, While I don't personaly like it that much, I would like peoples opinions on it. ~

So scared, but never alone.
Staring faces, and hideous masks.
Cuddling yourself again, with those corpse’s hands?
Wonder if those empty sockets contained eyes?

Blood pours from the walls, it closes in.
Something moves in the dark, it calls your name.
When you give no reply, it screams.
Vile curses and sometimes things which only you should know, secrets buried, for years untouched.

Can you scream, yes?
Do you scream, yes?
Does anyone care, No

The last place of happiness loses, its spark
A dead cold flame, burning in your mind.
Empty, Lonely, any other words... Unloved?
Nothing about you is happy or simple.

A man asked for you today, he said his name was Death.
Like you, he was sad, just a name, not really a person.
His only possessions,were his clothes and a book.
On the book was your name, and another... one history took from you.

A storm’s in town, destroying and killing.
Its heading for you.
It seems to laugh, just like her …
Close your eyes and say goodbye.

The End

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