So Much for Her...Mature

It burns upon the tongue of every desperate man
Was I not attractive enough? Maybe I was too late
Blame yourself but at the end, it’s the victim who pledges remorse
Questions left unanswered... but you pretend not to care
As long as you thrive in hypocrisy for the emotionally impaired boy
You stole so much more than his heart that fateful hour
Tears fall and you say you are sorry over and over
but it is not enough, as you rub your happiness in his face
Pushed forwards naked into the light of accusation
Condemn him and all will be well for you

Don’t you fucking dare say you felt ‘alone’

Small comfort

Project your secrets to someone else from now on
Oh wait, you already have someone new
But he doesn’t... he never wanted ‘someone else’
Standing in the chasm where the vulnerable lie
screaming into the valleys far beyond
See the perfect memories he created
The romance that collected each rose petal
each rain drop, each snowflake
Cherry skies at the beach
You ripped that from his heart
because you decided you found someone better

Don’t you fucking dare say he wasn’t worth it

We’ll all die someday
with or without a partner

So much for her
So much for her
So much for her
So much for her

The End

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