So It Goes

Liars, thieves and hypocrites

How could it get any worse than this?

They'll grin and pat your shoulder

Then watch your family smolder.


The masquerade isn't broken

They'll tell you so, but way below

A monster has awoken

Belching smog of woe.


Sometimes what is ugly can be hidden

Behind a mask

Or bewitched with a magic flask

So others will adore it.


But the simple truth: it doesn't matter

The fake affection will make you sadder

What is meaningful will shatter

Don't you know?

So it goes.


Kings and Queens of endless wars

What was healthy is covered in sores

Sick and twisted, but smiling wide

While secretly screaming inside.


Some are born into fortune old

To make their good life, others are sold

They're fed whatever's wanted

But within, their hearts are haunted.


Why do we hate the rats?

Those deemed less worthy, told to scat

Because they foul our very presence with their need.

But everything must have its place

Rip off that mask, just show your face

The only thing that's ugly is the mind.


The End

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