So daring, the young ones play.

A short "rap" I made whilst bored one day.

Poetry in motion?
No, poetry in brotion!
Verses swimmin' like a (verb)
(Noun) fish through the ocean.
There's no emotion that I can not portray.
Look the way I make melodies from clay.
Producing fallacies throughout the day.
Callous my hands as I pray for my prey.
No delay, slap on some SON tan lotion.
You're skin will burn from these slurs,
You're only hopin' for the notion that I'll save you from these blurred words,
I digress. Give it a rest, will ya?
Take a seat take, take off your dress and let me cop a feel ya.
Whoops, delve way too far.
I hardly know the meaning of the word apologize. Does anyone?
Having trouble seeing through your lies, so define fun.
Quarries made from quarrels are quickly overcome by the dumb ones.
Have you noticed my profound mistakes?
Have you ever noticed that I make the ground shake?
Notice I make you sweat like the Shake Weight?
I wait for no man in no man's land.
I'm King of my world, when my Queens let me be.
I sing Freebird, three days out of the week.
I might be weak, but you're weaker than me.
My rhymes are tweaked with laser beams.
You wont see me coming, I attack while I'm running by.
A cunning "Hi" for the angry guy. A stunning sight for the saintly wife.
I'd ride by on my bike and slap you in the eye.
Or I'll stick you in the thigh depending only on your height!
I'll just grab a knife and stab you in your Private Ryan!
Hanks nods in approval while your on the floor cryin'.
Don't give it up, okay give it up, see if I care.
I can't live it up for someone whose not fair.
It's scary to think I'm alone to bury my own bearings
And I'm swearing, that one day, I will leave this life.
Become something bigger. A beautiful butterfly.
And I'll laugh at the ones who rained on my parade.
You'll look up to me, ants and I will use my RAID.

The End

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