So Called 'Friends'

If somewhere out there is listening,

I’ve got so much to say.

I’m finally ready to open up,

But no one has the time of day.


You see, they’ve been pushing for so long,

But I guess they just gave in.

I’ve looked but they’re nowhere to be found,

So back it goes, locked up within.


Now that I know just what to say,

And I’ve figured out exactly how.

There’s no one there to hear me,

What am I supposed to do now?


They broke the promise that they’d be there

And no excuses have been said.

A road we were ‘walking on together’,

They passed me by and went ahead.


They’re not even looking back at me,

To see that I have fallen.

Too absorbed in ‘other things’,

To even hear me callin’.


They told me ‘look on the bright side’,

To ‘become blind to all but good'.

But now that they’ve all hurt me bad,

I don’t see why I should.


They knew I kept my secrets close,

My trust they yearned to win.

But just as walls were coming down,

Their trust was wearing thin.


I screamed it all out, with great force,

I exposed my life, let my secrets go.

Where the hell do I go from here?

There’s way too much they know


I opened up my eyes,

Awoken from a dream so real.

As I felt the hole in my sadness,

Slowly being to heal.


There’s so much that I have to say,

But until I can express.

I’ll just yearn for them to listen,

Sat here, in silent distress.

The End

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