Snowflake and the Sunbeam

And though we light a candle, 
We're sure to start a storm,
In the tea cup that we're stirring,
In love letters we once tore,
The snowflake and the sunbeam,
The darkness and the light,
Dressed feathers kissing her wings,
On a English winter's night. 

Yet I've spoken empty words,
To a sky beyond the blue,
Rainbow stars are spoken hard,
In the distance facing you,
You've called checkmate in a card game,
You've pulled out all your trumps,
I've broken down your castle walls, 
But your battleship has sunk,
Dear snowflake, I'm your sunbeam,
But I'll never make you freeze,
Yet you are warm and the sun is cold,
And there is no escaping me.

I apologize to all, for my deep and dire sins,
My forget me knots will forgive me not,
In all the ghostly worlds I've been,
The dark unruly compass,
Of a stone that lines the path,
Will never truly lead me,
Through to light and out of dark.

The End

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