We are

Each of us a snow flake

Each similar in ways to others

But each distinctly different

Each beautiful and delicate in form and strength

Soft enough to caress gently

To bring a thrill of warmth

Cold enough to freeze what we touch

Sharp enough to cut when driven by an unforgiving wind

Floating randomly to earth

Some gliding with the breeze

Others tumbling joyously to the ground

We may find our way to a leaf or petal

Where we can nestle gently with our friends

Or fall to another leaf and make new friends

We may drift into crags where we transform to ice

And are never seen again

We may be driven into drifts

Where friends abound

But as the drift grows we seem stuck... immobilized

By the weight of our friends

Gently crushing life and breath and movement from us

Stealing our dreams

And reminding us... "But mere snowflakes we are"

The End

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