A poem, inspired by a fanfic I once read with the pairing Snape/Harry. It isn't often I read fanfics of that nature, but this one was really good.

I cannot break away from you.
You, whose green eyes and soft voice
Keep me from
the edge of
Even when I picked at the remains of my last glass of wine
You were there; You offered me another.
And though I wrenched from your grasp I could not
Sever it so utterly completely.
When I poisoned your thoughts, you drank every last drop
And changed it to more wine for my already intoxicated soul.
Was it you, or the wine?

My nightmares, when they come to the surface, were chased away
by your childish demeanor and bumbling ways
And sometimes I long for the days when I could,
drown in my empty wine glass
not thinking of you.
Dangling in a cage with my self righteousness and self inflicted pain,
My eyes clouding over, reminiscent of times you weren't there that affect you now and I
tell you to leave.
But you are always there, always pushing limits, always sacrificing--
and annoying, so goddamn annoying...

However still, I cannot break away.

The End

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