Smoothing Out the Seams

This is actually about my boyfriends addiction to porn.
;) enjoy.

Sometimes it feels as if it never happened
As if we never shared more than a kiss
We went from constantly caressing
to barely brushing skins
I brought it to your attention
but you shifted character and said
"I love you more than ever,
I'm just tired, lets rest our heads"

You stumbled toward me in a dream
white skin silken in unspoken rain
My heart stalled at the sight
of the far away look upon your face
I almost had you in my arms
But i knew you couldn't stay
I'd never encountered this dream before
Yet somehow I sensed you'd wander away

And it felt like those times I found you,
Hungry gaze fixed on the screen
the air was thickened with desire
I knew wasn't meant for me.
You were smoothing out the seams
with fingers so meticulous
i just couldn't look away
I was so fixed in your lust
By the time you took notice
I just wanted to be erased..
Its a strange feeling to be so easily replaced.

The End

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