Smoke in a Door-Less Room

This poet is about life; about humanity. I question if we are really really free or are our minds and our exitence trapped? Like smoke in a door-less room...

Fog lingers low across our lands,

The icy windows slammed firmly shut;

The walls guarded and off limits,

Nowhere to go, no hope of escape.


The lonely wonder to the hidden horizon,

Dim lights try, in vain, to pierce the gloom;

Show the lost the star- lit path

The smoke is chocking, a cloak of the missing


What goes on beneath that dark veil?

A cloud of constant darkness, a cover for evil,

A rainless cloud the wind cannot blow away,

Like smoke in a door-less room.


We feel free as the breeze in our lands

But the walls are solid, sturdy stone;

Freedom crushed by swirling dark despair,

A dark that harbours heaven and hell.


But not blazing torch found in hand,

No burning revolution of humanity:

We stay bound by our locks and our chains

Trapped like smoke in a door-less room…

The End

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