Smoke and Fire

It's all about being rejected by people and them making it out as if it's your fault.

My heart smokes with poetic industry

The fires swell and flicker and I'm forced again to write

I've lost the conviction and the will to repeat

I've defined myself by the wrong choices I made


Again I fall into the wrong category

Again I'm not the picture perfect lover

Again I'm just another bad story


She was another one, cutting me out the pictures

And she dares to plead innocence

My heart's fire flickers and dies

River's waters carry malevolence


My soul gleams with some sort of dark light

I'm happy in ink but at my own expense

I think time showed her to be worthless

Where the hell did I leave my sense


Here we go, another bad excuse

She's asking me for another chance

I could forgive, but what's the use


Here we go, another last chance 

Twisted words and I'm the villain

Doomed to dance a tired dance


If only I was a better man

But who the hell would understand? 

The End

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