I follow your trail.

Creeping through the shadows,

chasing your tail. 

When you breathe, I plunge into your lungs.

As you dream, I roll with the whites of your eyes

to the back of your skull.

And you said it didn't matter at all.

You thought you could leave me behind

when you took a plane ride,

but addictions slide beneath security.

I lurk inside, a tumor, a disease,

we both know you want me.

We both know I define you 

as real.

It isn't hard to capture your thoughts

as they wandered off the path,

leaving a stench of innocence behind.

If I were human, I would feel guilt,

but I am not, so I indulge.

We meet under stars.

You kiss me and blow

clouds of cancer into the sky.

No, you don't smoke.

You've just found a better way to die.

The End

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