The thoughts
chase me
like a monster
I didn't have
the guts to dream
in my sleep.

I would run faster
if I could breathe.

Every time I fall
I loose another piece
of the thing I was
and become something

I haven't looked
at a mirror in the past
three years,
I'm too afraid that a
hand will come out
and pull me inside,
leaving me to
look inside myself
and stare at the twisted

I don't know
where the pigtails
and the cute dresses went,
I'm pretty sure I used
to smile,
but I'm not sure when,
it must have been
before I watched
my imaginary friends
witch-hunt my teddy bears
and burn them on a
and drown them
in misty lagoons.

They came at night
in the dark
when light
was nonexistent.

They ate my heart
and threw away
the core.

And I wander,
until I feel
so afraid
I just run
until there's no where left
to go.

The End

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