Smile On My FaceMature

Your mind works wonders, and your life will take you down along bumpy path. All I've learned from my past, my mistakes,my loves, it's to just go with it. And it seems that I have forgotten how to just "go with it" Now a days its all about the money, the power. I just wish I could just "go with it" again I guess...

Perks, Vics, Coke, and Xanex

Pockets filled to the brim,

duckin feinds and the police

just to make ends meet.

Goin crazy in my room

watching the spiders make

webs in the window.

You find who your friends are

in the life that I live,

if they dont sell out they

steal all your shit.

Now see i lost it all

a couple times,

But I would loose it all

again and again.

Because this aint about love

or the people,

it's about the money.

It's just because nobody

ever really gave a fuck.

The End

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