I see you walking, with one straight focus.

Nothing will detour you from your goal.

Walking powerful with each stride,

Telling everyone that told you no,

that you can, with every step you take.

Anyone that disagrees with you, can get out of your way.

Stand behind you as you climb to the top.

Let no one stop you from the purpose,

But as you travel to your desire.

Don't forget that their are gentle people, like me, that want you to succeed.

That want you to truimph, but most importantly want you to smile.

Because a smile... can defeat anyone before a word has been spoken.

Just ponder that as you climb that mountain of success,

And think of me, when you get to the top.

Because as you look down from off that mountain,

and reflect your travels, you will see the damage that the smile has done.

And you'll be grateful.


The End

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