Every time you kiss me its a promise that we'll try harder this time 

I can see the things we could be inside the dark in your eyes 

I feel this warmth that takes away the cold, and shakes free the splinters 

When were sat here talking of meeting your parents, I'm smiling...

Your holding onto my hands, like I'm a child that you lost 

Looking at my dirty face, like you would do anything for me

I feel this warmth that melts the ice, it cracks the glass

When I'm wearing your oversized padded jacket, I'm smiling...

You want me to come away with you, and lie beneath the sun 

Travel to where I swore I'd never reach to

You want me to come and sit on your bedroom floorboards

Then eat lunch with your family and.....I'm smiling...

I'm tainted and I don't do well at school. I'm depressing and I get things wrong

I'd tried and lost at too many things, and cried at the end of it all 

I've embarrassed myself when I wasn't good enough and let others win 

I've let people take what belongs to me and I've cried again over it all 

I moan and I'm moody and I push people away, I'm self centred and selfish 

But I know...

No matter where I've been, Or how many mistakes I've made 

You'll let this warmth spread until I'm no longer cold

You'll hold me as the wind unsettles my hair 

You'll keep saying those three words until I no longer let you 

And because of this smile, 

because I haven't meant it in a while 

Because of this smile, 

You know I'm yours. 

The End

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