Small Talk

He said hello to me today--

his eyes glinting arctic-blue, contrasting

with the gloomy grey backdrop of crawling clouds--

he smiled widely

as he passed me on the wet cement stairs

and dropped the earbuds from his ears

and he asked me how I was.

I replied, good, thanks, and how are you?

He told me he was tired.

And who isn't?

He wore a brand new, bright green jacket

to guard against the soggy snow and stinging sleet

but he did not remark upon the April weather as we walked

for twenty paces together.

Years ago, I knew him well, but now

he has hidden himself from me

behind his familiar features and handsome blue eyes.

His significant other was waiting for him

at the bottom of the stairs,

and so we parted ways with a nod of acknowledgement.

He had no more to say to me, and I had far

too much to say to him.

The End

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