Slow, Painful Death

Don't you realize, that I'll kill you?

We’d be a walking contradiction.

You realize,

instead of attracting like opposite ends of magnets

I’d repel you,

and make you latch onto anything to stop the momentum.

I just want someone.

You realize,

instead of rekindling the fire once burning for you

I’d take the oxygen,

and while you struggle for air, I’d swallow it up for my selfish lungs.

You don’t love me.

You realize,

instead of looking ahead, you’re fighting with the clocks

You’re in the past,

and you remember how nice I looked, but not the ugliness underneath my skin.

I’ll break your heart.

You realize,

instead of adoring the gift you present to me

I’ll defile it,

and slowly chisel it away until the entire organ shatters in front of me.

Don’t you realize,

that I’ll kill you?

The End

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