Higher SelfMature

Hi, how ya doin' it's your higher self
I thought a few of you could use some help
So I came to inform you that this form you're in
Well, it ain't shit but what you're born within
And that god that you ask to forgive your sins
Well that's me and I'm you, so just look within
For your alliance with a greater purpose
And if you're into science, you just scratch the surface 

I think it's time you peel back those layers
Realize in this game of life, you're the player
You'll get it now, or you'll get it later
Might wonder how, but you're the creator
So quit searching, 'cause there's nothing to find
And those shadows lurking in the back of your mind
Well, they're only there because you manifest
Everything you think, so give thinking a rest
You might have thought that I was saying this in jest
But I wasn't playing, it is closer than you'd guess
And all the pages, they are empty and waiting
It took you ages, now you'd better get creating

The End

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