The PuzzleMature

All these demons in my head keep me nailed down to the bed.
It's like they won't stop 'til I'm dead, what do they want from me?
All the signs I see outside, taking nothing said in stride.
Cuts and bruises on my pride, it all comes naturally.
Spilling vomit from my mind, sitting idly biding time.
Self expression's such a crime, they scream it's blasphemy.
Your religion is a lie, but you won't ask yourself why.
Where do we go when we die? Someone answer me.

Your logic is so precious. You will make a perfect sentence, but can you read what it says? Could you if you thought less?
Maybe just let it flow, instead of asking yes or no. Fast or slow?
You have to see it, have to be it, it's not a question of if you mean it.
If it's real it's what you know. You treat life like such a show.
Always dressing up in plastic, always desecrating magic.
Always second guessing you, you get so caught up in that view.
The one where everything's the same, you think you're winning at this game.
You might have learned to numb the pain, but what are you?
Just a product, now you've got it. There is nothing you can't do, it's up to you.

Life's a puzzle, where's the pieces? They are scattered in the wind.
They are right in front of your face, but you don't know where to begin.
Everything shatters in this place, what a waste.
Living in sin, what's that? Soul within, out of whack. That's a fact.
It's where we are, so close yet so far. Lure you out of your ocean view, see something new. 
Eyes so tainted, picture's painted. Sitting in a frame on a pretty little wall, let the earth shake watch it fall.
Glass shattered, pieces scattered. There's your puzzle, you're sitting in it but it doesn't fit.

And everything seems so vital, Illuminati idols.
Fucks your mind, it twists and turns. Try to touch the light, it burns.
Try to find your way out, no luck. I told you it's just one mind fuck.
Layers and layers, pieces and players, puzzles and circles, tunnels and hurdles.
You crawl, you climb, you find you've gotten nowhere.
So share your lack of knowledge, all the crap you learned in college.
We are nowhere and it's never, but it's always and forever, everywhere.
Does that sound fair? Be aware. 

The End

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