Angel in My VoidMature

I was living like a corpse, buried underground
Hiding in a hole, nowhere to be found
Barely breathing air, resenting all the trees
Everything I saw was ridden with disease
I thought old wounds would never heal
So conditioned myself not feel 
I gave up searching for the light
Just sinking into endless night
Wandering around a constant nightmare
When I glimpsed something that shouldn't be there
Coated in pain, but I saw inside
A beauty so bright, she couldn't hide
We traded scars, and shared our fears
Then said, what are we doing here?
Let's leave this place, it's been too long
We'll rise above where we belong
With wings fueled by burning desire
Together we can get much higher
On our own plane, above it all
I'll lift you if you start to fall
And in turn, you are my cure
With energy so bright and pure
My lost faith, you have restored
New depths have opened, let's explore 

The End

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