Vessel and a VoiceMature

Born without a choice, I'm just a vessel and a voice
Plunged into a hole with all these chocolate covered souls
Zombies in a void, living dead out to destroy
And we're all playing roles, whether a hero or a troll
The ego's like a toy, so fragile when employed
And all the damage takes its toll, you're just fractions of a whole
Trying to pick up all the pieces, and smooth out all the creases
Looking to be enlightened when you're in the dark and frightened
And all the demons in disguise give you offerings of lies
On the surface it looks nice, but it always has its price
Want an easy way out not a chance, might look fulfilling at a glance
Want enlightenment, you're better off sticking a light bulb up your ass
Every day thinking this moment will pass, you want answers but you never get them when you ask
Take off the mask you need a breather for your spirit, but you don't know truth when you hear it

The End

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