Divine DisgustMature

Into material I was thrust, from divinity to disgust
I'm told to live through it's a must, the fear the loathing and the lust, never knowing who to trust
Sometimes I want to bleed the rust, and disintegrate myself to dust
But god forbid I spill the real, because we're told it's weak to feel
Just lock it all inside and seal, can't penetrate a wall of steel
What's left of us is empty shells, we're perpetrating our own hell, in this place we're forced to dwell
Now real's mistaken for a trend, enemies are confused with friends, this mass distortion never ends
I don't claim I'm free from guilt, I'm trying to wash away the filth
Including former friends and lovers, they end up showing their true colors
I'm made to duck and run for cover, hide myself but see through others
You can look now you can't touch, I've been brought down way too much
I've been sinking far too long, but now I'm rising, now I'm strong, up above where I belong
What was once lost now is found, it's all in who I keep around
So keep your self worth on the ground, but I won't be coming down 

The End

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