Stumbling through the void, wondering who to be. The answer's simple, yet you strain to see.
Society's your last restraint, so fuck the picture of you they paint.
They're not even using a colored palette, plus they have no artistic talent.
With eyes sewn shut, their vision's limit could never see your boundless spirit.
They'll steal your dreams and rip your seams, but only if you don't break free.
The cage you're placed can be erased, don't let your self worth be defaced.
Realize your eyes can open wider, see through lies and get much higher.
That's where you deserve to be, controlling your own destiny.
The mess they see is their reflection, through fractured mirrors of imperfections.
It was never you, you're worth much more. They shut windows, you open doors.
It's time to disregard their views, search inside and reveal hidden truths. 

The End

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