Sliver ToungeMature

For Pops.

I'm a mirrors image of myself,

Lost looking in the glass of a house a home once lived,

And I'm cursed with a mans actions,

That man is my father. He cursed my soul with a silver tounge,

but I'm a young boy with a goul's insides,

A wondering ghost in this trench of regrets led in the ground by false foundations,

and you can hear my lingering want of a family life in my words,

in my pause.

I've learned from the best hate I know.

The best and the worst I could as far in a normal, sappy life

and I'm only left with these past thoughts you bestowed on me,

so what could I have done?

To make a better future for my Subconscious mind,

What do I have to keep me striving in my life to get a glance from your soulless brown eyes?

I'm watching and I've seen fewer actions destory a family, but I guess constant swing on a tire and a fist to a mothers skull, so, so burden a happy heart.

So I'm hear monster to say you are a bull, a bear, and they all make money,

But show your true skin pig,

and get slaughtered.

Because I'm still dwelling on this torn home, torn life,

and I'm left believing in this fucked false reality and religion.

The End

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