Slipper of glass I hold in my hand,

Upon my heart, you’ve placed a brand,

Time slips through my fingers like sand,

As frantically, I search for you across the land.

Slipper of glass left behind,

Yet another clue for us to find,

The shadowed paths twist and wind,

Nightmares run barefoot in our mind.

Slipper that does not fit yet,

A symbol of the day we met,

Dripping tears make our masks wet,

For our lonely past, we cannot forget.

Slipper of glass, easy to break,

With every foot, a chance we take,

A happy future we cannot yet make,

For the slipper we hold is secretly fake.

Slipper of glass, fading black,

Little by little, you start to crack,

I shall save your master from attack,

I’d do anything to have my love back.

Slipper, you I must commend,

Your choice the sword does not contend,

No longer shall we be forced to pretend,

For we shall live happily together till the end.


The End

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