Poem for April 1

Since April is poetry month, my goal is to write and publish a poem a day.
The rules: Noting I've written previously.
No promises that it will have meter or cadence or rhyme.

Slinky Descending Staircase

Once brown on top

and thick, very thick

no hint of what the fall would bring

Once thin in the middle

smaller, smaller, a count-down

34 - 33 - 32 - 31 - 30 - 29 - 28

1959 saw the Slinky

first slink, first slink

naked down the stairs


Mass appeal will

come and go, come and go

Duchamp to Hasbro

And the waste

will grow, will grow

after the rockets brief glow

And the forest fires

in time, in time

to ashen remains and widen'd row


And yet

so similar


The End

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