sliding doors

In this time of sadness, my heart does not speak
My emotions are tangled, my smile is  weak
Such disappointment in a world full of lies
Many to hate, much more to despise
Cold and lonely, left without fear
Trapped in a vision very unclear
Beautiful by far, exceptional without doubt
Hardworking hands, but no hand out
Soothing eyes searching for love of some sort
running from attachment, the first to abort
Question my motive, reflect on my flaws
Held back with hesitation, bound by laws
Reaping with pain, pursuing for pleasure
Simply over rated, very much clever
Misunderstood often, frequently over looked
Not desperate, far from over booked
Calm and collected, never controlled
Strong headed, smart, sassy and bold
Waiting in worry, leaving in hurry
Living in prison, far from the furry
Sun sets and sun rises, the day remains the same
Not at fault, but no one to blame
Seen this and been there, but never left here
Things are simply a mirror of what they appear
Ending with content, wishing for complete
This is me, how do I compete

The End

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