Slice The Vein Of Ink Gods (Poem)

Just a bit of fun with the thought of ink....

Slowly tracing trails of ink across thin paper lines transparent to human lies,

Pen bleeds out on the page as I rip open wide the vein injected with ink,

Heaven meets hell battles waged deep inside a writers mind,

Trying to find answers hidden in plain sight soldiers of fortune form alliances,

Silent prayers of a crazed mind answered to a paper God,

Follow the leader lines intersect words left running for a common goal,

Tried to play the king felt more at home as the court jester,

Push hands against blank pages finding solace in the spaces,

Revolution to find the resolution weapons of mass distraction,

Across gaps sprawled words a thought provoked a wealth of knowledge left untapped,

Inner desires words find freedom slipped in the pages of books handed out to orphan children,

Fingers ran through each word like playing with a lovers hair,

Wide open the pages left naked bare witness to a coming of age,

Falter from the stars aligned to be the next best thing settling for mediocrity,

Angels kiss softly the devils lips on earth finding their medium between heaven and hell,

Turned up radio music drowning out the thoughts of a broken man with this pen in his hand,

Fingering each word to find the intamacy locked deep inside the book,

Splatter ink blotches ink once welled up inside has caked up becoming a dry dust carried by the wind,

Escape the reality find the stars quasars of dreams where the sun and moon become my best friends,

Lost in the moment but found a place where I am set free from the chains of bondage holding,

Passion disastter world spins a bit faster losing my feet as gravity slowly escapes,

Telescopes capture stars if only for a fleeting moment if only we could catch shooting stars,

Words much like these shoot across the page coming to rest in just the right place,

Overflow words break levies of the mind drowning my fingertips spilling through the pen,

Purchased a ticket so far away because I am so close to the edge of insanity need an escape,

Wallow in the pain tie a noose around my thoughts escape the fate of a slow fade into oblivion,

Dream awake in sleep I walk the path of different men remembering times were so much different,

Spin the fabric of time webs of thought catch the proverbial fly on the wall,

Lovers on the boardwalk playing like fire melting through the ice of stagnant lives intertwined,

In the eyes of the Ink Gods we will use the pens like razors to slit the veins gorged with the writers ink.

The End

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