Sleepy Time

It's a poem I wrote at exactly 4:47am GMT published 4:48am I'm very tired and feel like doing something silly. If you find meaning in this, kudos!

An oppressive weight remains above my lids,
My eyes burn and the wrods bulr on the screen.
Suddenly I'm out focus of like I see everything
Through a magnifying glass and it momentarily hurts.

The light from the computer is too bright
It scorches my already enflamed eyes.
My mind drift and I wonder if that kitten
Is really as cute as it looks all pink and whatnot.

My limbs grow dead.
My heart sags like my skin.
The world is crumbling around me.
I cannot get to sleep.
I don't want to miss the decadent planet go round.
I cannot get to sleep.
I cannot get to sl... 

The End

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