sleepy speedbumps in the road, potholes making my arms jerk and neck cramp as i chase dreams

written in bits and pieces on my phone last night

with my eyes low-lidded
heavy in the swampy darkness around me
it swallows us all

my father and aunt talk in the front seats
bass rumble of the car's wheels underneath us
the black shadows the corners and spots with low visibility
in a nearly liquid midnight dripping

and the lights of the late traffic
reflect in red flashes on the frames of my father's glasses
streetlamps and car colors all soaked into the lenses
the stretching road on ahead melts into the leather seats
and the sounds of the highway are dulled to muffled background noise

there is nothing but the gentle curves of yellow lines on pavement
and the inky sky dragging cold fingers above our heads
as rows of suspended lights imprint themselves on the backs of my eyelids
exploding in orange fireworks when i close them
and my body lulls me back to fruitless snatches of sleep
with the rhythm of the road vibrating in my ears.

The End

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