sleeping with the devilMature

Sleeping with the devil.

My mind is a temple of death, my body is the greatest machine god has ever made.The greatest rise but soon will be down, those who talk a lot of click clack in their own blood will drown. Full of anger inside, with a heart darker than a moonless night. At 3:15 demons come out and sit by my side, I close my eyes because I'm terrified. I hear whispers in my ears, I hear women screaming for help because they're getting beat and rape, but than I open my eyes and remember I was actually there. They looked into my eyes asking for help, but I was only 8 so I turn around and walked away. My past hunts me like sleepy hollow no head but just body of evil, I pray to whatever god works for me at the end I will find mi camino. 

Carlos M.

The End

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